MK4 Tip Light

MK4 Tip Light

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When out fishing on the beach in the dark, this Night Fishing Rod Tip Light allows you to keep your hands warm and know when you've caught a fish both at the same time. This simple-to-use, battery-operated light works via a twitch switch. Easily attach the light to the tip of your rod, cast your line and watch. When the light moves, you've got yourself a hook-up. 

Without mount, use electrical tape to fix the light end down, tape 2 turns around rod then 3+ turns around light. With mount, use thread and superglue. 

Night Fishing Rod Tip Light Features:

  • Simple to use
  • Battery operated - works via a twist switch
  • Battery life: 200hrs up to 500hrs
  • Uses alkaline batteries 76A or equivalent
  • Available colours: Red, blue, green, yellow and pink
  • Make sure line is clear before casting.